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Welcome to my blog, where I will share thoughts about life, hobbies, interests and (undoubtably) Pixie. This is my first post which (formally) launches this site. This is also the post which lets you know my overall plans for this, my online home.

Other than my presence on some social media platforms, this will be the only place which houses my online writing. I have grown tired of writing here and there, so this space will contain my thoughts about home life, travel, hobbies, interests, recipes, essays, photographs, etc. I am a writer so there are times that I might share notes regarding the writing process. I might also include thoughts about my works in progress (WIP).

I am currently working on a cozy mystery series. Which certainly sounds exciting until you realize just how many of my hours are spent staring at this computer screen, willing characters and scenes to life…

A little bit about me:

I am a happily married mom of two adults: a daughter and a son. Rounding out our little family is my daughter-in-law, my granddaughter and the cutest dog on the planet, Pixie.

I am a writer. I have varied interests (which comes in handy as a writer!). Some of those interests include birdwatching, genealogy, scrapbooking, research, writing, cooking, crafting, reading, decorating and organizing. I collect antique (as well as vintage) cookbooks. I also have a fondness for books about home keeping/decorating from the 1950s. I am nearly rabid in my enjoyment of coffee, and I simply adore anything that sparkles and shines.

In the 1990s, I discovered Creative Memories. I had been interested in scrapbooking as a kid. As an adult that love only grew…and when I found Creative Memories something just clicked. I had found “my” craft! As my (at that time) baby grew, I happily created scrapbook layout upon scrapbook layout. Being into genealogy and having a mother who was a portrait photographer, the signs had already been there: scrapbooking was the perfect creative outlet for me. As a writer, I enjoy writing out family histories. There is always something to research and/or do when it comes to genealogy and/or scrapbooking.

I am (however) appallingly behind on all-things-memory-keeping. I have six drawers FULL of photographs…and those drawers don’t include the other seven organizing bins full of pictures to sort/organize so that I can finally (finally!) get everything into albums. That is one of my goals for 2023: to get all of the photographs chronologically sorted and into albums. I am sure that more than a few posts will be dedicated to my progress in the attempt. I recently signed up to be a Creative Memories Advisor as a (tiny) side hustle. Their albums have long been my favorite, so it seems a good match. If nothing else, I’ll enjoy purchasing my memory keeping items at a small discount. I had been looking for vintage Creative Memories albums on eBay and was surprised to discover that Creative Memories was back in business. (The discovery was such a relief. I had missed their nice albums for far too long. Project Life just wasn’t the same. No album was the same!)

Recently I’ve performed a full life reboot. I’m putting my plans into action which is as scary as it is exciting, honestly. The last couple of years have been a learning experience for each of us, in our own ways. For me it has been a time of reassessment and reflection. I have moved away from performing executive management roles/tasks and decided to re-connect with my creative side. Helping others to fulfill their dreams (it turns out) isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I decided to dust off my own dreams to start building them for myself and my family, instead. I hope you’ll choose to be part of this adventure as I fully embrace this new season of my life.

Why the “Fanciful Magpie”?

I have always been rather whimsical. As a teacher, I used to turn the page of the book in Pooh Bear’s lap. Pooh Bear was the mascot of my class. He was about two feet tall, and I sat him (in his own chair, naturally!) in front of the classroom. As part of my morning prep, I flipped the page of “his” book every morning. One day my former boss asked me why I did that, noting that it was “a little stupid, and no one will ever notice it.” In response I smiled and asked, “You noticed it, didn’t you?” Because that is what the magic in life is about. Creating moments of magic that someone else notices and appreciates.

My former boss was obviously not a member of my target audience. She didn’t have an appreciation for whimsicality…but she had noticed its presence. I dare say that she probably noticed its absence when (after well over 11 years, all told) I left teaching.

As an older adult, once I went into management/executive roles, I put aside some of my fanciful nature. I retained it…but whimsicality/frivolity doesn’t have a tendency to be expected (nor appreciated) in those positions. In 2017 I learned the lesson (for a final time) of the importance of not focusing on building the dreams of others. This year I learned the lesson that even when you successfully build the dreams of someone else, they’ll lie in an attempt to tear you down whilst artificially propping themselves up. They’ll open themselves (and others) up for lawsuits, too…but that is a story for another day. Bottom line, however, is that this year (coupled with the horror of 2020 and the continuing fallout of same) was a learning experience. And what I learned is that there is no time like the present to return to being who you are.

I mentioned (above) my love of birds. At the very least I mentioned my enjoyment of birdwatching. Magpies are known for their not infrequent use of their voice. I (as you have probably gathered by now) am not wholly economical in my word usage. So, the magpie and I are very chatterbox-y. Magpies have a reputation for collecting shiny objects. I have an undying love for all-things shiny and sparkly…so I tend to see myself as very magpie-like. (Research has shown that magpies don’t actually have a preference for shiny objects, but I enjoy the idea of it, so–in part–their incorrect reputation led me to selecting the magpie as the inspiration for my writing business.) Since I am whimsical, and that part of my nature has become more and more important to me to fully embrace (but I didn’t like the term “Whimsical Magpie”) – Fanciful Magpie was born.

Creating magic in my own life (as well as in the lives of others) is very important to me. So, this will be a place in which magic is created and shared.

What the future holds for each of us is unknown. But I hope you will go forth and create magic as only you can do it.

We can fly on that journey, together.

From my house to yours, I wish you a happy and healthy 2023.

In joy,

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