23 Life Goals for 2023

Each year I try to set realistic goals/tasks for the year ahead. I don’t really like “resolutions” per se… but I do like to set goals. Goals seem achievable (to me), and “resolutions” seem so easily broken due to their (usual) complexity.

I also find it more likely that I’ll carry through with my goals if I share them. If I’m accountable to others (versus only myself), I tend to get on with the tasks at hand instead of leaving them buried in relative anonymity.

The 23 goals I have set for myself are:

  1. Continue with my Spanish studies on Duolingo.
  2. Make a list of 20 books I want to read. Done.
  3. Read them.
  4. Write one letter each month.
  5. Create a vision board.
  6. Finish writing my cozy mystery.
  7. Select a literary agent.
  8. Work towards purchasing a house by continuing to break the task down into manageable steps.
  9. (Re) learn to crochet.
  10. Handmake some pretty soaps for personal use (and possibly gifts).
  11. Create bath bombs for personal use.
  12. Build an emergency savings account.
  13. Pay down debt each month.
  14. Chronologically organize my photographs.
  15. Get all of those photographs into scrapbooks.
  16. Have a date with Don twice per month.
  17. Go to the Renaissance Faire in September (or October).
  18. Work on my family tree. Upload photos. Tell the stories. Document DAR line.
  19. Send family picture albums to relatives.
  20. Reach my goal weight by continuing to break the task down into manageable chunks.
  21. Eat more healthfully (and mindfully).
  22. Develop an exercise program that I enjoy (and will engage in at least three times per week).
  23. Work to let go of the people/ideas/mindsets/feelings that hold me back.

How about you? Do you create resolutions or goals for the new year? If so, will you please share your ideas?

In joy,

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