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Hi, this is CariAnne.

Thank you for taking a look at this page.

Transparency is important to me, so I am letting you know that I will sometimes link you to items I love from businesses and/or other creators. I do not make money from anything I recommend. If I mention that I like or enjoy something, that’s because I think someone else might like that item or service, too. That being said, I am an avid genealogist and scrapbooker, so I am an Independent Creative Memories Advisor. If/when I utilize a Creative Memories item in one of my projects, I will always mention my affiliation in that post. If you purchase something from my Creative Memories site, I will receive a small percentage of each sale at no extra cost to you.

All opinions on this website are mine, alone.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback please get in touch:

Disclaimer Statement

The information on this blog is for general information purposes only. If you like what you read (or see) here, I have set up an account over at “Buy Me a Coffee.” Readers are welcome to send financial encouragement to allow this writer much-needed coffee. Pixie will be kept rolling in dog biscuits, too.

Sending funds is never expected, but your kind support of my work is always appreciated.

The information on this blog is provided by Whilst I will always do my best to keep any information up to date and current, I make no representation regarding the accuracy of any post (beyond the date it was first published), audience suitability or website availability with regard to any of the content on this blog.

Thank you for visiting!

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